Working in a foundry

(as interpreter)

Can Cromodora Wheels‘ maxi order be a sign of a new start for the entire Italian foundry sector, which is suffering under the crisis of the automotive industry and Germany being in distress?

During the commissioning of the new furnace (chip/wheel remeltingt plant) in Ghedi in 2019 I worked as an interpreter for Hertwich Engineering engineers: despite all the technology incorporated in this plant, watching the opening of the huge door behind which the fire-red metal boils, flooding the whole surrounding environment with heat, left me with the memory of a very strong emotion!

Actually, outside the temperature was very cold, we were in January, in the open: my colleague and I were all wrapped up, and we were wearing the protective footwear kindly provided by the customer. Flexibility also means this! The in-depth courses on electronic components and communication networks were held in special rooms, fortunately for us.

My experience with foundry dates back a few years ago when I started working with Fonderia Pizeta Srl, a company specialized in bronze casting of crown wheels for speed reducers on hub in cast iron and/or steel, integral-studded crown wheels and rings for torque convertors