Over the years I have dealt with a range of topics, which I have always tried to address with curiosity and seriousness, while deepening my knowledge by attending specialized courses:

  1. Technical subjects (general)
    • Mechanics
    • Electronics
    • Pneumatics
    • Machine tools
    • Manuals
    • Safety data sheets
    • Patents
    • Moulding and die-casting
    • Metal casting and chip remelting
  2. IT (check out the courses that I have attended)
    • Informatics & Telematics
    • Data transmission networks: CAN-bus, Profibus, Ethernet
    • Localization, web sites
    • SAP
  3. Graphics and printing industry check out the specialized courses on which I have acted as an interpreter)
    • Web-fed offset printing (newspapers, commercial)
    • Sheet-fed offset printing
    • Digital printing
    • Flexo printing
    • Pre-press
      • Computer to Plate systems
      • Plate processors
      • Plate punching and bending machines
      • Colour Management
    • Press
      • Web offset presses
      • Workflow, control and register systems, press control desk technology
      • Automated reel handling logistics systems
      • Damping systems
      • Blanket and roller wash-up devices
      • Register control systems (Colour control, Colour register, Fan-out correction, Cut-off register)
      • Integrated web monitoring & web inspection systems
      • Stitching machines
    • Finishing
      • Conveying
      • Stacking
      • Inserting
      • Storage
  4. Industrial automation
    • Drive technology
    • PLCs
    • Integrated control and management systems for production departments
    • Intralogistics
  5. Packaging Industry
    • Corrugated board production lines
  6. Textiles
    • Circular knitting machines
  7. Renewable energy
    • Hydroelectric, wind, solar energy
    • Electrical networks
    • Electric transport
  8. Recovery and disposal of special waste (sludge treatment, fume and dust abatement, remediation of contaminated land)
    • Description of treatment/recovery/disposal processes
    • Plant authorisation
    • Laboratory analysis
    • Test reports
    • Suitability reports
    • Waste characterisation
    • Authorisation measures, resolutions, decrees, ordinances
    • Commercial contracts
    • Sector regulations
  9. Marketing, corporate communication
  10. Legal sector (check out the courses that I have attended)
    • Contracts (agency, sale, lease, etc.)
    • Calls for tenders
    • Statutes and articles of association
    • Position statements
    • Judicial acts in civil, criminal, administrative law
    • Interpellations and replies of the Swiss Federal Council
    • Postulates and opinions of the Federal Council
  11. Financial sector (check out the courses that I have attended)
    • Consolidated financial statements
    • Financial reports
    • International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER
  12. Human resources
    • e-learning
  13. Life Science (check out the courses that I have attended)
    • Scientific texts for the pharmaceutical industry and research:
      • Clinical and experimental protocols
      • Informed consent
      • Summary of product characteristics
      • Package leaflet
      • Information material for the public
    • Medical devices
    • National Research Programmes for the Swiss National Foundation for the promotion of scientific research
  14. Wine and oenology
    • Growing up in a family of wine connoisseurs, I translated for Assovini Sicilia and for several wineries in the years when I lived in Sicily. I now live in Desenzano del Garda, which overlaps with the Lugana area, not far from Franciacorta.
  15. I have had the pleasure of translating a number of magazines for my home townDesenzano del Garda

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