Inca Digital Printers Ltd, an interpreting job at IARP (Epta SpA) of Casale Monferrato

My first digital printing machine!

In the summer of 2017 I was contacted by a manufacturer of digital printing machines for an interpreting job to be carried out at the premises of one of their customers at Casale Monferrato: the object was to assist the German and English technicians during the setting-up of the printing machine and of the robots for handling the metal plates used to create images of glass cabinets, horizontal freezers and cupboards for foodstuffs destined for the beverage and ice cream industry.

As often happens, only one or two days passed between the first contact and the start of the job: this is what we call “flexibility”!

A mali estremi, estremi rimedi!
Desperate times call for desperate measures!

In spite of the fact that this was a totally new technology, I soon got used to it and enjoyed learning how the Onset X1 operates (the number 1 represents a four-colour series: to be specific, the client had requested an additional channel for orange and white), and I took part in all the tests which became necessary for satisfying a large and very demanding client in the beverage sector.

I also carried out my job as an interpreter during regular meetings between the English project managers and the senior managers of the Italian client firm.

The memory of this installation is indissolubly linked — apart from the people with whom I had the pleasure of working — with the smell of butter and the taste of original Casale Krumiri biscuits, and also the incredible heat of that summer, which severely tested not only us but also the machine which dries the ink with UV lamps!

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