Terna meets the Val d’Isarco

Translating the dialect!


In the course of reorganising the high-voltage grid in the Val d’Isarco in order to upgrade the electricity supply to the railway track which follows the line of the Brenner pass, Terna arranged four information days (“Terna meets…”) for the benefit of the local people..

During these meetings, citizens were able to make suggestions and recommendations to the Terna technicians, thanks also to my support as interpreter.

This interpreting assignment was particularly demanding since I was translating from Bolzano dialect. Fortunately my knowledge of Swiss German came to my rescue, as it sounds similar to the dialect.

It was a real pleasure to get to know Francesca and her colleagues and to take part in such an important project.

Rai News Bolzano: https://www.rainews.it/tgr/bolzano/video/2019/07/blz-linee-elettriche-Val-Isarco-Terna-incontra-cittadini-4ce4d1c8-213a-4be7-8a98-668509b2a896.html