Società Editrice Arena Spa, Sommacampagna (Verona)

The press centres of Athesis and CSQ at Erbusco are undoubtedly trend-setters. In both cases the striking feature is the way the inside is integrated with the outside, i.e. the part visible from the stretch of the highway which runs along the Milan-Venice axis. How many times I have slowed down to admire, even just for a second, the two rotary presses made by the German manufacturer manroland, and to call to mind all those pleasant memories!

The first installation (Regioman rotary press) was carried out by the Plauen division of manroland in 2006 as part of the Il Sole 24 Ore project. As well as in the print room, I also worked as an interpreter in the mailroom during the installation of the conveying and stacking lines by the Swiss company Müller Martini.

For the second installation of a manroland Colorman press in 2008, as well as translating the contract with all the technical specifications, I collaborated with the printer from Augsburg in the fine-tuning and Ifra quality tests.

Several times over the years my path crossed with those of the quality and production managers and some of the printers from Sommacampagna, and its technical director, on the occasion of complex technical seminars (see the IFRA Tutorial “INCQC Tutorial 2006-2008”), or at events which were always interesting but more dedicated to socialising such as the Ifra Italia Conferences. It goes without saying that seeing each other again is always a huge pleasure.

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