La Stampa Full Color Project, Turin

Feeling part of one large family

From 2001 to 2016 I supported the companies Wifag, ABB/EAE and Ferag as interpreter during the installation, set-up and start of production on the new offset press lines at the historic plant in Via Giordano Bruno. This took place over a long period of time because the installations were different (the OF370 in 2001 and the OF372 in 2006) and with different add-ons. Also, new teams of technicians were formed when the company outsourced maintenance or upgraded staff from the mailroom, moving them up to the press.

While on the one hand I regarded it as a privilege to work at the La Stampa plant, for a prestigious newspaper title with which the whole population of Turin identifies, on the other hand I always felt myself welcomed as into a family, and every day when I sit down at the desk in my office, I look with pride and affection at the picture that they presented me with.

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