IFRA INCQC 2006-2008 Tutorial, hosted by Società Editrice Arena S.p.A

"Poor quality costs"

I had a chance at Società Editrice Arena S.p.A to particularly appreciate the great commitment shown by everybody — printers and specialists in the prepress department, quality managers and the Technical Director — to obtaining maximum print quality.

That is how in December 2011 the Athesis Group’s plant at Sommacampagna (Verona) hosted a study day dedicated to WAN-IFRA’s International Newspaper Color Quality Club Award, an international brand which brings diverse newspaper publishers together, with its headquarters in Frankfurt.

Some thirty technicians took part in the event, from eighteen companies in the sector, using both offset and flexographic technologies for printing newspapers.

I was called in for the occasion to translate the entire day of tutorials, during which it was explained in detail how to use the opportunity of the international competition to encourage the growth of a team of technicians which work by believing in quality.

At the premises of each client in the print sector, for several months, I too formed part of a team for the duration of an installation and the corresponding training, and this happened as many as 26 times, with me working alongside my clients to build a winning team.

Always put your trust in someone who is prepared to improve with you.

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