Full Color Project, Gazzetta dello Sport

Team photograph

The Gazzetta project came before the Corriere della Sera project. The Gazzetta is printed in Pessano con Bornago (Rcs Produzioni Milano S.p.A.), in Padua (Rcs Produzioni Padova), in Rome (Rcs Produzioni S.p.A.), in Bari (Sedit), in Catania (S.T.S. Società Tipografica Siciliana) and in Cagliari (Società Editrice L’Unione Sarda S.p.A.).

Except at Cagliari (which, however, I had the pleasure of visiting on the occasion of an excellent Ifra Italia Conference in 2007), I worked as an interpreter at all these printing plants, acquiring an extensive knowledge of the entire web offset printing process.

In addition: I learnt to work in a team, to take responsibility and to be quick and efficient: because from the moment when the editorial staff despatches the last page, everything must happen quickly, without hitches, and the newspaper must come out within the set time so as to be on the newsstands early in the morning.

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