Editoriale Libertà SpA, Piacenza

The installation of the Wifag OF370GTD rotary press for printing the newspaper Libertà di Piacenza was complicated and anything but monotonous. 

This was the “old” web press of the Barcelona paper La Vanguardia, dismantled and reassembled as often happens in the world of printing. 

All the more so when the machine in question is a Wifag, recognised by many people as the “Rolls-Royce” of printing machines, already fitted with a virtual electronic shaft.

La piegatrice 2:3:4 della Libertà di Piacenza
The 2:3:4 folder at Libertà di Piacenza

One peculiarity was the folder (which is the heart of a printing machine), which, strangely, had a cylinder ratio of 2:3:4 compared with the classic ratio 2:5:5 which favours a better distribution of the workload between all the folding jaws.

The courses took place at the paper’s headquarters, but also in the new plant and at CSQ (Newspaper Printing Centre) in Erbusco, in view of the advantage of being able to see a very similar machine in operation.

For this project, too, I was concerned with translating the entire set of manuals and also the courses run by the companies supplying the control system (ABB) and the platemaking lines (2B-Präzisionstechnik GmbH), and the mailroom lines (Ferag AG).

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