2018: a successful year!

So, this installation is also concluded , the third in an intensive year of work.

We will all remember it as one of the best, due to the excellent spirit of collaboration that was established right from the start between the German technicians (all equally likeable) and the Italian operators, a cooperative which reminded me of the familiar atmosphere which I encountered in the old days on the sites of the leading titles in Italian journalism.

Thanks, therefore, to the Chairman Giuseppe, the tireless Fabio, to Bazza, Pulle, Kappa, Marco, Enrico, Aldo and Ferruccio, but also and especially to Andreas, Michael, Gabriel and Mario, Markus and Arthur for being so easy to get on with and for spoiling me every day — you can guess how!

Thanks to Modena and the trattoria Antica Grama for making me feel at home even when I was dining alone, and for introducing me to excellent local produce and a fantastic Lambrusco!

Thanks, finally, to Anna and Gunter, who once again had faith in me.

And let’s hope that this is, as always, just an au revoir.